Every pilot is on a mission.

Renting our aircraft will allow you to complete your mission, no matter what it may be. Become a member and rent a plane by scheduling flight time and instructor time using SkyManager from Carr Engineering, Inc., an easy-to-use online scheduling program.

Before members can rent a plane, they must complete a check flight.

All check flights will be completed under the supervision of a flight instructor, who will confirm the pilot can safely handle the aircraft. You can schedule a check flight with any available instructor.

All members renting an aircraft will sign a rental agreement, available on request.

You can also lease your plane to Duluth Flying Club.

We are continually assessing the composition of our fleet to meet the needs of our members. If you own a plane and are interested in leasing it to the club, let us know.

You can contact us here >

Here’s a breakdown of our prices

Pipersport LSA Rental*$80/hr$70/hr
Pipersport LSA Renta, Student Rate**$99/wet$99/hr
Cirrus SR22 Rental*$120/hr$110/hr
Piper Twin Rental*$130/hr$120/hr
Flight Instruction$50/hr$45/hr
* The prices shown exclude applicable government imposed taxes and fees, which are currently 10.875% on aircraft rental, Platinum Member initiation fees, and Platinum Member quarterly shortfall fees and 2.5% on flight instruction.
* FlyDuluth aircraft rental rates exclude the cost of fuel to provide the renter the opportunity to purchase fuel at any airport they wish.
** Student must show proof of current enrollment of High School or College