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Welcome to the home page for the Duluth Flying Club!

FlyDuluth and the Duluth Flying Club is one combined business providing outstanding aircraft rental, flight instruction, and flight tours to the general public.  Our flying club is for aspiring and accomplished pilots who are looking to be part of a local aviation community and experience our camaraderie.  No membership fees are required and we offer a Platinum Membership option for pilots who want to take advantage of discounted services.  Be sure to submit your contact information on our this page so we can keep you posted on our club events.  Hope you come fly with us soon and often!

Benefits of becoming a member:

FlyDuluth offers a unique experience with our very own Duluth Flying Club. If you play on utilizing our services over the long term, this is for you! Enjoy discounted rates on all of our services after paying a one-time $500 initiation fee and committing to spend at least $300 per calendar quarter on our services. The quarterly commitment can be suspended when a member will not be using our services for extended periods of time. Also, we plan fun and engaging member only events where we learn something new and enjoy the camaraderie of the aviation community. Contact us to learn more!

Here’s a breakdown of our prices:

PiperSport LSA Rental*$80/hr$70/hr
Piper LSA Student Rental**$99/hr wet$99/hr wet
Cirrus SR22 Rental*$120/hr$110/hr
Piper Twin Rental*$130/hr$120/hr
Flight Instruction$50/hr$45/hr
The prices shown exclude applicable government imposed taxes and fees, which are currently 10.875% on aircraft rental, Platinum Member initiation fees, and Platinum Member quarterly shortfall fees and 2.5% on flight instruction.

*FlyDuluth aircraft rental rates exclude the cost of fuel to provide the renter the opportunity to purchase fuel at any airport they wish.

**Must show proof of current enrollment in high school or college.