PiperSport LSA

The Basics 
Empty Weight855.4 lbs
Horsepower100, ROTAX 912
Wingspan28.22 ft (8.6 m)
Length21.72 ft (6.62 m)
Height7.6 ft (2.315 m)
Takeoff1270 ft (387 m)
Climb Rate825 ft/min (4.2 m/s)
Cruise Speed119 kts
Useful Load464.6 lbs

A model of flight innovation, the SR22 combines luxury and utility. Pilots can rent the aircraft and complete their mission in style, while students can learn to fly in a plane perfectly suited for new pilots.

The Cirrus SR22

The Basics 
Empty Weight2419.9 (1097.6 kg)
Wingspan38 ft 3 in (11.67 m)
Length28 ft 3 in (8.65 m)
Height9 ft 3 in (2.86 m)
Cabin Width49 in (124 cm)
Cabin Height50 in (127 cm)
Takeoff1260 ft (384.04 m)
Climb Rate1200 ft/min (6.09 m/sec)
Max Operating Altitude17,500 ft (5334 m)
Cruise Speed170kts


Classic design meets multi-engine affordability with the Piper Comanche. This twin is a great airplane to get a multi-engine rating and to build flight hours to meet airline minimum multi-engine requirements.

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Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

The Basics 
Base Weight2160 lbs (1030 kg)
Wingspan35 ft 12 in (10.97 m)
Length25 ft 2 in (7.67 m)
Height8 ft 3 in (2.51 m)
Cabin Width44 in (111.76 cm)
Cabin Height46 in (116.84 cm)
Takeoff1530 ft (466.34 m)
Climb Rate1460 ft/mn (7.41 m/sec)
Max Operating Altitude20,000 ft (6095 m)

Here’s a breakdown of our prices

Pipersport LSA Rental*$80/hr$70/hr
Pipersport LSA Renta, Student Rate**$99/wet$99/hr
Cirrus SR22 Rental*$120/hr$110/hr
Piper Twin Rental*$130/hr$120/hr
Flight Instruction$50/hr$45/hr
* The prices shown exclude applicable government imposed taxes and fees, which are currently 10.875% on aircraft rental, Platinum Member initiation fees, and Platinum Member quarterly shortfall fees and 2.5% on flight instruction.
* FlyDuluth aircraft rental rates exclude the cost of fuel to provide the renter the opportunity to purchase fuel at any airport they wish.
** Student must show proof of current enrollment of High School or College