Veteran Benefits

Maximizing Your Benefits: A Guide to Veterans' Benefits for Flight Training

Fly Duluth is proud to be an approved VA GI Bill® flight school for use of United States Department of Veterans Affairs military education benefits. Our school understands the sacrifices veterans have made for their country and we are honored to help them achieve their career goals in aviation.

Prior to beginning pilot training, veterans must ensure that they are enrolled in one of the following chapters in order to be eligible: Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty, Chapter 33 – Post-9/11, or Chapter 1606 – Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve. Our school’s Admissions Team will assist veterans in ensuring they are eligible for the program.

Our flight training programs, including Instrument Rating, Commercial Single-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor – Initial (CFI-A), are eligible for GI Bill® benefits for veterans pursuing a career as a professional pilot. Note that benefits may not be used for training for the Private Pilot Certificate alone as it does not lead to a paying job.

The amount veterans will save in out-of-pocket costs is based on the particular percent of eligibility. For example, Chapter 30 and 1606 veterans are eligible for 60% of the total approved charges for the course, while Chapter 33 veterans have a $13,986.72 per academic year cap.

At Fly Duluth, our school’s team will assist veterans in mapping out a GI Bill® flight training plan to maximize these benefits and help them achieve their professional pilot career goals. We understand the importance of providing veterans with the best education and training to help them succeed. Contact us if you have any questions about your eligibility or to learn more about our programs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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To use your VA benefits for flight training, you must enroll in a VA-approved flight course at Fly Duluth. You can then apply for VA education benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs and receive financial assistance to cover the cost of your flight training. 

At Fly Duluth, we offer Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor training programs approved for VA benefits. Our expert instructors and comprehensive programs will help you achieve your aviation goals and take advantage of your earned military benefits.

Fly Duluth is dedicated to providing the highest quality flight training for veterans using VA benefits. Our experienced instructors, comprehensive training programs, and commitment to student success sets us apart from other flight training schools. We are proud to offer flexible scheduling options and a supportive community of aviation professionals to help you achieve your goals and make the most of your VA benefits.