Eveleth - Virginia KEVM

Flight Training at KEVM

We’re thrilled to announce Fly Duluth’s expansion into Eveleth, Minnesota! Introducing the versatile Cessna 172 to our fleet, stationed right here in KEVM.

Passionate about aviation, we’re dedicated to providing unmatched flight experiences and training opportunities. With our expansion, we aim to bring the joy of flight closer to northern Minnesota’s aspiring aviators.

At Fly Duluth, we’re not just a flight school; we’re a community of aviation enthusiasts, experienced pilots, and dedicated instructors. Our commitment to safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Whether it’s your first Discovery Flight or advanced training, Fly Duluth supports you every step. With certified instructors, top-notch facilities, and now, a new Eveleth location, we’re here to help you reach your aviation goals.

Unlike our dry rate pricing model for the rest of our fleet, the Cessna 172 at our Eveleth location operates on a wet rate basis.

A wet rate includes not only the cost of renting the aircraft but also covers the cost of fuel and oil during your flight. This means you pay a single inclusive fee that encompasses both the rental and fuel expenses, simplifying your billing and providing transparency in pricing.

The Cessna 172 remains a cornerstone in aviation training, thanks to its dependable airframe and abundant online training resources. With a proven track record and extensive learning materials available, the Cessna 172 stands ready to support pilots at all levels of experience.

At present, Fly Duluth exclusively offers Part 61 training, focusing solely on comprehensive flight instruction without aircraft rentals. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier training experiences, ensuring that every student receives personalized attention and tailored instruction to excel in their aviation journey.

Find us at:

4280 Miller Trunk Rd,
Eveleth, MN 55734

Explore aviation with us at the Eveleth-Virginia municipal Airport.

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Join us in Eveleth for top-notch flight training. Let’s get you soaring!